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Owning a Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog Very WonderfulHaving a Portuguese Water Dog makes a wonderful family pet for people who are active and enjoy spending a lot of time with their dog. If you are the kind of person who loves being outdoors and going for long walks, running and being involved in water sports, the Portuguese Water Dog would make a great companion. The dog is a very active breed with a name that is perfectly suited to them. While the dog adapts well and enjoys living in a home, the breed is much happier with daily access to water.
Portuguese Water Dog in White House'sWhat factor led to the First Family's choosing the Portuguese Water Dog to be the White House's top dog? The reason given by the President and his family is what everyone has known about the Portuguese Water Dog for years, which is that it is a dog with virtually no shedding, which makes allergy attacks a distant possibility for Portuguese Water Dog owners.
Portuguese Water Dog Smart Dog
Portuguese Water Dog owners will soon see that this very smart dog also knows how to play favorites; the dog gets attached to a single family member more than to a family as a unit. Nevertheless, they love meeting people and will definitely create a mess or some trouble if unattended. For example, without the proper portuguese water dog training, the dog can get accustomed to filching food off worktops when the owner is not paying attention. Just by observing and through exploration, Portuguese Water Dog are also willing to try out opening cabinet doors by themselves. So the point is that Portuguese Water Dog need to be supervised well, and they will raise a racket if made to live a life spent on couches.